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Valuable Media Assets for the Photographer

This is a different kind of post for me. What’s contained here isn’t photography in the direct sense, rather a source of useful links that can lead you to worthwhile information. I’ve used many of these myself and continue to find them of great value in my life as both a commercial photographer and as an educator. They vary from business, media, arts, culture and general background information and help to inform my practice in a great variety of ways. When writing my first ever research document (about why men avoid yoga) many of these programmes plus features in the press provided me with valuable additional reference material.

Many are links to BBC radio programmes some of which will be seasonal, some are available to listen again via the BBC iPlayer though not all will be available if you are based outside of the UK due to rights issues. I do know that some of them go out via the BBC World Service so root around and see what you can discover.

If you’re endeavouring to make a living from photography all sources of information are valid, you never know what you may learn next or where it may lead you. These are in no particular order so why not be curious and see where they lead you?

Front Row – every weekday evening Mark Lawson presents this incisive and valuable arts show.

The Film Programme

The Culture Show – a TV programme from BBC 2

The Media Show –  broadcast on a Wednesday and invaluable to anyone working in media and wanting to keep ahead of the game. They will consider print, electronic and internet media, ethics in the media, the impact of downloads on the music, publishing and print media industries. Certainly raises questions to keep photographers thinking hard.

From Our Own Correspondent – one of the long runners on Radio 4 yet always worth a listen. The number of my own creative ideas I’ve been able to trace back to articles on this programme are legion. I often find it inspirational.

The Bottom Line – business and how to survive out there in the real world is unavoidable to you as a freelancer. This show offers valuable insights for free – well for the annual cost of a TV licence.

In Business – the title says it all

Law in Action – to a photographer this must sound seriously dry. Yet in 2009 this team made great radio to demonstrate the nonsense of regulations often quoted at photographers to stop us working, together with the vast number of time wasting calls made to police about photographer/terrorists acting suspiciously in cities and elsewhere. Before 9/11 photographers tended to left alone to just get on with their work.

Stephanie Flanders, BBC economics editor writers a highly accessible blog.

I hope that you enjoy these and find them as useful as I have. You don’t want to end up like this…


Details: Fuji 617, 90mm, Ilford FP4 @ 125 ISO, 1/15 sec, f16


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