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Using the Capture One overlay tool

In the bad old days of analogue when shooting Time Out magazine covers or Music Sales book covers for Pearce Marchbank he had an ingenuous method for enhancing workflow. He would produce a piece of clear film of the cover showing the position of all the type & in pro to the film format of the camera. I  then placed this in the camera viewfinder so that I could position models, props, etc to work around the typography that he had designed. A second, identical piece of film would be used to lay on top of Polaroids prior to making the final shot on film.

Clearly the guys at Capture One have taken this idea on board when they created the ‘overlay’ tool in the Capture One software for the Phase One. Here is a simple step by step on how to use it….

Import your shots into Capture One & select one frame.

Choose the ‘Composition’ option from the left side of the frame.

Move down to the ‘Overlay’ tab then across to button that carries the symbol ‘…’ to the right of ‘File’. Here you select a file for overlaying and navigate to it in the usual way.

The overlay comes in at 100%. Using the 4 sliders beneath the overlay tab you can adjust; opacity, scale, horizontal and vertical position.

Major adjustments to position can be made with the ‘hand’ tool, afterwards minor re-positioning takes place with the tools beneath the overlay tab (as described above).

This shows crop needed for a 48 sheet billboard poster with type ranged left

By returning to the overlay tab & clicking the down arrow at the right hand end of that bar the ‘Clear Overlay’ option is revealed which allows  the opportunity to remove the existing overlay prior to importing a different one.

In addition it’s possible to position the overlay as desired then crop down using the crop tool thus darkening the unwanted image area and confirm that the shot wrk to a different pro, in this case a 96 sheet billboard.

Crop needed for a 96 sheet billboard poster with type ranged left

Overall this tool is absolutely invaluable, saves great amounts of time and makes you look good in front of clients and in my view is another great plus to the Phase One/Capture One.

A debt of gratitude to PM for introducing me to this technique many years ago.


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Neville Brody

Telly Addict

The V&A’s examination of postmodernism in style, design, graphics, photography, etc comes to an end this week.

It’s given me the opportunity to reflect on a shot I did of Neville Brody for Design Magazine at his Tottenham Court Road studio. The art director who commissioned me, Neil Braidwood, has written about it elsewhere… The nice thing with Neil’s blog is that it allows you to see the image in context.

At the time I naturally knew Neville Brody’s work and yet he was rumoured to be a very difficult subject. However he took to the concept that Neil & I had in mind of shooting him from inside a TV set whilst eating popcorn and wielding a remote control. The rest took care of itself.

Details: Hasselblad 500c, 50mm, 1/4 sec, f11, Ilford FP4 @ 125 ISO

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