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Borough Market, Jan 2014 – Take 2

Paul Shelley took part in the Borough Market street photography workshop last month and shot with a Nikon D300. Afterwards he edited his shots then cropped and resized them to fit into the picture boxes on the PDF layout. He and I did a final session remotely so that we could discuss and feedback before making a final PDF with his final selection of shots in place, and here they are….

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 07.10.49 Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 07.11.18 Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 07.11.41 Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 07.12.01

In Paul’s words, ‘I loved the day at the Borough. Thanks for your coaching and guidance. I have been working on the selection of pictures and have just weeded them so that I have now got the three sets.’

All photographs © Paul Shelley 2014


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Borough Market – January 2014

The first Shadows and Light workshop for 2014was shooting street photography at Borough Market, London, SE1 on January 18th.
To make this as realistic as possible to a commissioned photo shoot participants are invited to shoot their images to the specific requirements of an editorial brief, on the premise that a magazine has asked you to shoot a photo story about what makes the market vibrant and thriving.

On this occasion I decided to set myself a slightly different assignment, something that has grown out of a couple of recent conversations with Ed Kashi and his coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NYC and commissions from Time Magazine and NBC.

Whilst the clients busied themselves with the task at hand I used whatever spare moments I had to shoot the same brief but just using my iPhone with the 645pro and Snapseed apps. Then I placed the my selected files into the In Design file & saved as pdf’s, as you can see below…


Three spreads and a cover.
As part of the ‘homework’ with this workshop participants go away and edit 3 selections in Lightroom (or similar) then mail the jpegs across so that we can generate pdf’s, thus giving them the opportunity to see their images in the context of the finished magazine spread.

There will be another Borough Market workshop at the end of 2014 so why not come along?

All pictures © Julian Hawkins 2014


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News from Shadows & Light – May 2012

Some days it feels as though ‘busy’ should be my middle name. Running a business is a challenge at the best of times and the advent of new technology makes me realise that there is now more to do and more frequently. Web sites, blogging, phone calls, new business leads, research for workshops, lesson planing, it’s never ending. In between all of this I still have to find time to shoot fresh images and have a personal life. Challenging or what?

La Resureccion make final preparations, Seville 2012

I’ve had a busy spring with workshops in Spain and England. As soon as my university teaching ended and I’d wrapped up the Avebury light painting shoot (see earlier post) I was off to Andalucia with a small group to shoot landscapes in the White Villages.

Cloud descending

From our base in Grazalema we went out each day shooting both classic landscapes, villages, cork oak forest then detail shots of walls, corrals, old houses, etc. One whole day was spent in the beautiful Moorish town of Ronda where the tapas are absolutely divine.

Ronda, poppoes

This was a successful tour and it’s my intention to run it again at the same time of year in 2013 so keep an eye out for it or contact us for details.

From Grazalema I moved up to the Alpujarras. This is an area I’ve travelled in previously and I needed time to do research with a view to taking a group both there and to Granada in the future. This area is very special for me, as is most of Spain.

Tres mantillias

As Easter was unusually late this year I finished my extended Spanish trip with a vey intense 5 days leading the Semana Santa workshop in Seville. Admittedly I returned home exhausted, especially after working through the nights and managing only fitful siestas, but I got a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from it as did those who came along for the photography. Come along next year and experience it for yourselves.

The morning after returning to London it was back in to university to kick off the new terms work for the second year BA students with two extended advertising photography projects which they are engaging with passionately.


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iPhone in the Wilderness

Above Ladybower, Peak District

At Shadows and Light we encourage you to remain open to the unexpected and embrace it whenever you have the opportunity. Last month Matt posted a piece about using the iPhone with apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram as a practical tool for visualisation of future shots – particularly useful for landscape work.

Over the Easter vacation I made a trip to the Peak District however the weather had turned cold with an icy wind. I walked a lot, the snow had drifted over 1 ft deep, so the iPhone was by far the best tool to use in this instance.

Sun Breaks Through, Peak District

My process is actually quite simple and is more or less unchanged to the way I go about all of my shots;

1. Look for the image first.

2. Choose the ‘lens’ and ‘film’ as offered by the app.

3. Carefully compose the shot on the screen.

4. Shoot!

Arbor Low, stone circle, ver 1, Peak District

Admittedly this is not the Phase One or Large Format but then on a day with uncertain weather and at new locations the iPhone actually allows me to generate markedly different images and just now I find it more satisfying than my Canon G9. What’s more, it fits in my pocket and weighs practically nothing – which is more than I can say for those other cameras!

Arbor Low, stone circle, ver 2, Peak District

You may think to yourself, ‘Well, they look fine on screen but they’ll never print…’ nevertheless  I’ve found that if I export the iPhone files as TIFFs then process them through Lightroom or Capture One I’m able to print full frame onto A3 paper and I still have to try them on A2 paper.

Instagram has an added advantage in that it allows you to shoot using the phone’s built-in camera then import the files into the app afterwards.

Wooden Signpost near Ladybower, Peak District

So a decidedly cold and threatening weekend has rewarded me with a bunch of unusual pictures and, at the very least, 8 – 10 new locations, some of which will come up in future Shadows and Light workshops. Keep an eye on the web site, the blog or join the mailing list to see what tours will happening in the coming months.


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