Our motto: The Future Is Unphotographed

Pals Pool, ver 1

My name is Julian Hawkins and I started Shadows and Light as a company in 2000, it was a natural extension from my work as a commercial corporate, editorial and still life photographer and happened as I began to lead workshops at LCC. This blog began in the winter of 2011/12 and my intention is to post a new article every 2 weeks.

As a working professional I’d always been aware of a reticence amongst photographers to share knowledge and somehow this never seemed quite right. The Shadows and Light team also consists of Matthew Pritchard and Julio Albarran and our aim is to share as much of our expertise as we can. Together we work in different areas of the industry including video/moving image and we each speak at least two languages.

The purpose of Shadows & Light is to allow you the opportunity to develop your passion for photography through a series of workshops, courses, tours and holidays in exciting locations throughout the UK and abroad. Groups are small, often with two tutors and the tutors are there to teach. We also offer bespoke one to one courses as requested.

Working alongside professional tutors, you will be shown creative techniques to develop your vision and meet like minded photographers with whom you may collaborate and pool resources. Using digital and film cameras we will encourage you to create inspirational images that you will be proud of and that will give you great satisfaction. In addition you are able to draw on a wealth of professional experience that extends over 30 years and includes knowledge of digital and analogue processes, stills and moving image, film and television editing.

Perhaps our most important aim is to demystify photography as much as possible and for this reason we offer workshops across a broad range of styles whilst emphasising the need to remain open to the unexpected. If you want to know how to achieve a particular shot or technique then we will endeavour to help you get the result you’re after.

Irrespective of whether you shoot large format or iPhone we are the team for you.

2 responses to “About

  1. Wow was this all done on your WordPress Blog? If it is that’s pretty fantastic. I am a musician/geek. Week a bit new in the geek end. Looks terrific!

  2. Wow was this all done on your WordPress Blog? If it is that’s pretty fantastic. I am a musician/geek. Well a bit new in the geek end. Looks terrific!

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