Borough Market – January 2014

The first Shadows and Light workshop for 2014was shooting street photography at Borough Market, London, SE1 on January 18th.
To make this as realistic as possible to a commissioned photo shoot participants are invited to shoot their images to the specific requirements of an editorial brief, on the premise that a magazine has asked you to shoot a photo story about what makes the market vibrant and thriving.

On this occasion I decided to set myself a slightly different assignment, something that has grown out of a couple of recent conversations with Ed Kashi and his coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NYC and commissions from Time Magazine and NBC.

Whilst the clients busied themselves with the task at hand I used whatever spare moments I had to shoot the same brief but just using my iPhone with the 645pro and Snapseed apps. Then I placed the my selected files into the In Design file & saved as pdf’s, as you can see below…


Three spreads and a cover.
As part of the ‘homework’ with this workshop participants go away and edit 3 selections in Lightroom (or similar) then mail the jpegs across so that we can generate pdf’s, thus giving them the opportunity to see their images in the context of the finished magazine spread.

There will be another Borough Market workshop at the end of 2014 so why not come along?

All pictures © Julian Hawkins 2014


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3 responses to “Borough Market – January 2014

  1. Terence F. Jones

    An interesting concept Julian used in his project of Borough Market.

  2. Paul Shelley

    The workshop was a brilliant and educational day. Not only was Borough Market a stimulating location for street photography, there was also the coaching by Julian as to how to get the best pictures to suit specific requirements.
    Having a magazine format to work to with specific sized pictures created a disciplined framework which really made you think. Would the gutters and staples of a magazine get in the way of interesting faces? Would the three square format thumbnails have sufficient contrasting colours? What compositions would support pale coloured text down one side?
    So it wasn’t just a case of taking a series of pictures. In addition there was a thought process superimposed on that which made you realise that working to a tight brief wasn’t as straightforward as one might first think.
    Furthermore it created a mental framework to use when carrying out future photography excercises.

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