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Terry Hawes dispenses advice

Learning to see it from your clients position is so valuable. You also see the different possibilities rather than just what was in the viewfinder.

Ravensbourne Digital Photography

Terry Hawes creative director, art director and graphic designer spent all of the second day of 48Hours helping and advising on shoots and edits.

With a background in print magazines at the BBC and tablet/online at Wired he stressed the need to think outside the viewfinder when composing to give your picture editor sufficient space to crop for both hard and electronic copy, especially as in the latter features like the gutter do not exist.

Level 2 student Peter Marshall reflects on his discussion with Terry 

I took full advantage of the opportunity to talk with Terry Hawes as having shot the night before I was finding it hard to narrow down my images to a final few. With his help we had soon picked out the best photos which really told the story of my shoot. We then went on to discuss how photographer’s and art director’s…

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