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I usually don’t write anything in my daydream posts. But I’d like to dedicate this special post to my co-worker, Katie. Although Katie is a long-time supporter of my blog, she loathes my daydreaming posts. In fact, when she opens up her e-mail to discover that it’s a daydream post, this is what I hear through the office, “d-d-daydreaming! Ugh! g-g-god”

Enjoy, Katie. Coffee break in 10?


a solo affair

a solo affair

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Downloading Capture One Pro 8

In preparation for January and beginning to use the Phase One camera system you ought to be downloading the Capture One software, installing on your Mac & getting a feel for how it works.

Here’s how to do it….

Go to the download page of the Capture One URL

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 14.38.30

Then add your email address as prompted and click the download button. The file should go to your downloads folder then open it up and copy to the ‘Applications’ folder.

When you open Capture One for the first you’ll see this dialogue box…

Capture One initial dialogue box

Select the ‘Run DB’ option. This will allow you to process the RAW files that the Phase generates but not those created by a third party camera such as a Nikon or Canon.

Remember that the Phase doesn’t generate anything but RAW’s!

When running Capture One make a point of quitting any unnecessary applications otherwise you may find that you machine crashes.

My opinion of Capture One, for what it’s worth – it’s the business! I find it easy and intuitive to use.

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