48 Hour Photo Project, post K

Another Hannah Coates number with a Ralph Pink head-dress.

© Hannah Coates

Details: Phase One c/w IQ180, 50ISO, 1/250sec, f20

Model:  Lauren Coates
Make up/Hair:  Adele Sanderson


Filed under 48 Hour of Photos, DMF, Phase One / Capture One

4 responses to “48 Hour Photo Project, post K

  1. Jurgen Kehn

    nice photo, good contrast of colours and expression

  2. Nice photo! What is the 48 Hour Project?

  3. It was the brainchild of one of the 2nd year BA students. He organised the college/spaces & I arranged for pro-suppliers (The Flash Centre, Phase One, Calumet, Profoto) to loan additional equipment to allow us to operate 3 studios simultaneously + location shooting. We worked straight through for 48 hours in shifts & in the middle of the night abandoned the college buildings & went into central London to look for more shoots + real coffee!

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