Clerkenwell Design Festival

This evening I will deliver a presentation at Clerkenwell Design Week in central London as the guest of the City of London & Cripplegate Photographic Society in the upstairs room of The Horseshoe Inn, 7 – 9pm.

The theme is how to light portraits on location using both flash as well as mixed lighting technique, an ever popular approach which gets tackled every year in my workshops.


Bust! was shot on the top floor of Alaska Works in south east London, a former fur warehouse converted into smart apartments that was caught up in the financial crisis. Oddly enough I opted to use a Fuji 617, 90mm using Ilford FP4, 1/8sec, f11 2/3. The model (actually Steve Devane, my art director on this occasion) holds a portable flash that came from The Flash Centre. Proessing and printing by Adrian Ensor.


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4 responses to “Clerkenwell Design Festival

  1. Thanks Julio. It was a the best solution I had to being confronted with a large empty space & being told to ‘give me an image that adequately expresses the loss of your business in the economic downturn’.

  2. Wow…great work here..
    Wish I could attend your lecture

    • They’ll do it again next year. I’m hoping to put together a 1 day session of industry professionals aimed particularly at uni students. A common criticism I hear from them is that college aren’t prepared to bring photographers, picture editors, stylists, art directors, etc in to engage with students. Such a missed opportunity!

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