Gered Mankowitz: A Retrospective – Side A

Until 16 June 2012 Snap Galleries in London’s Piccadilly Arcade is playing host to perhaps the first thorough retrospective of the work of Gered Mankowitz’s work in the music industry.

This is a must see exhibition for die hard music fans and photographers alike. On display are prints ranging from the early days of Gered’s career with imaginative and powerful portraits of PP Arnold, The Yardbirds and The Spencer Davis Group, through to later material with Kate Bush, The Jam and Eurythmics. Not to mention Gered’s now seminal images of both The Rolling Stones in 1965 and Jimi Hendrix when he first came to London. I even worked on some of these sessions so the memories come flooding back!

Perhaps two of my all time favourite shots get an outing in this show, both are little seen shots of Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy from Supersession in 1969, a TV special that I think was recorded at Twickenham Studios. I like them because when I first saw them on the lightbox they were completely unknown to me and there’s a calmness about Eric that pervades the photograph. As one of Gered’s former assistants I spent time with him sorting many of these negatives then making contact prints, what more could a rock n roll junkie ask for? And as I’d had a misspent youth trawling the record shops of Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Soho gazing at album photos and reading liner notes many of the images I saw in the Rembrandt Bros darkroom where more than familiar.

So if your able to make it before the closing date make a point of getting along to Snap and get yourself a slice of this great show.

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  1. Terence jones

    Sounds like an interesting exhibition to visit. Thank you Shadows & Light

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