Ojos Rojos launched in Madrid by Mili Sanchez & Mike Steel

Bous a la Mar © Mili Sanchez

Ojos Rojos is a new online photography magazine coming out of Madrid and it launched this week, 7 May 2012. It’s the brainchild of Mili Sanchez (commercial portrait photographer) and Mike Steel (photojournalist) who have worked extensively across Spain and into Latin America. Mili’s background is originally in graphic design, Mike learnt photography as an assistant in London before heading off to spend more than a year in Colombia where, due to his connections with EFE, he did shoots with both the drug cartels and government paramilitaries. Later moving on to Latino barrios in the Greater Los Angeles area he shot everything from street gangs to beauty parlours. In 2007 he published a photographic anthology entitled, ‘Myself When I Am Real’.

The magazine’s intention is that it stands out and is different to the others out there. They are actively looking for peoples participation through ideas, images, diary events, etc and they state categorically that they wish to act as a forum along the lines of an early 20th century cafe for the exchange of ideas to aid learning. That which in education is referred to as a community of practice; precisely the same intention that we have here at Shadows and Light.

Cayetano Rivera © Mike Steel

All photographic styles are welcomed and encouraged yet they feel that the most important element has to be that the images they publish transmit emotion. I couldn’t agree with them more. The have an additional intention to act as a photographic bridge between Europe and Latin America.

They’ve also told me that they plane an English language version in the near future. However beware, or I’ll start writing my posts en castellano and Matt will switch into italiano!

If any of those of you reading this feel inspired then why not submit some images for one of their up coming issues?

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