Slip Road – Phase One along the A13

Slip Road

So here I go again. Another unusual situation to place the camera in and see what I’m able to get out of it.

I’ve spent this evening driving along the A13 towards Tilbury. I managed to get locked into a car park near on the Rainham Marshes, the local police station was closed so I was getting ready to dial the emergency services when a man from the nearby refuge site turned up with a key & let me out. I didn’t fancy a 20 mile walk or trying to hitch. I was pulling off the main road at different junctions, parking & then walking to see what oddness I could find.

Living in such a large metropolitan area as London has meant that urban landscapes make up a large proportion of my own landscape material as well as offering locations for the teaching of workshops on the Shadows and Light programme.

Details: Phase One c/w IQ160, 35mm, 15 secs, f12, 100 ISO, no filtration


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5 responses to “Slip Road – Phase One along the A13

  1. Hello ‘Hawk’ – here is a voice from the past (Dominic’s mum) – Dom just told me about your blog so I have popped over to read you and to say hope you are OK and enjoying life. Dom’s dad died some years ago and I now live in the Yorkshire Dales and am married to a Dairy Farmer. I have been blogging for about four years and love it. Pop over and say hello some time. Love to you.

  2. Pat. Lovely to hear from you. I’ve a loose idea to travel up to Yorkshire later this year to do some recce work on locations so I’ll make a point of coming by to see you. It would be really nice. The Dales are a really special place, I envy you living up there.

  3. simon

    The A13, gateway to Shoeburyness Riviera……

  4. There is a romance about roads. My grandad sometimes used to take my mum for a walk up to the A1 “to look at the Great North Road”. I suspect this was not viewed as eccentric at the time. I often cast my eye over the Great North Road myself these days (incidentally, my stepson has spent the last couple of years helping to build a new section of it) and think similar thoughts, I suspect. I could look at photos of roads all day. I’m a roadophile. I even like eating out at service stations.

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