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DSLR – Out of the Dark

January 28 was the day that we ran the first ever ‘DSLR – Out of the Dark‘ practical workshop for people getting to grips with digital SLR photography.

Based at the British Legion Club in Muswell Hill, London N10 we created a studio environment to allow people to shoot portraits and still life with their own cameras whilst Matt & myself where on hand to guide and support as well as delivering a structured seminar.

This is something that we will be running again in the future so watch the website for announcements.

DSLR - Out of the Dark workshop, January 2012

Details: Nikon D300, 35-70mm , 1/10sec, f8, 400 ISO

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Slip Road – Phase One along the A13

Slip Road

So here I go again. Another unusual situation to place the camera in and see what I’m able to get out of it.

I’ve spent this evening driving along the A13 towards Tilbury. I managed to get locked into a car park near on the Rainham Marshes, the local police station was closed so I was getting ready to dial the emergency services when a man from the nearby refuge site turned up with a key & let me out. I didn’t fancy a 20 mile walk or trying to hitch. I was pulling off the main road at different junctions, parking & then walking to see what oddness I could find.

Living in such a large metropolitan area as London has meant that urban landscapes make up a large proportion of my own landscape material as well as offering locations for the teaching of workshops on the Shadows and Light programme.

Details: Phase One c/w IQ160, 35mm, 15 secs, f12, 100 ISO, no filtration


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Phase One in the cold

Still getting familiar with this new camera & every time I put it to use I delight in having medium format once again. It did well on this day as at -3C the re-chargeable batteries held up well. Alex & Sav at the Flash Centre were right when they said that the cold didn’t effect the camera adversely. I came across this horse by chance & as I had no treats he wasn’t prepared to spend too long near me. It was a good opportunity to try the camera in shutter priority mode whilst shooting across the light to keep the sky as rich as possible.

Details: Phase One c/w IQ160, 35mm, 1/60 sec, f12, 100 ISO, no filtration


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