Phase One – Digital Medium Format (DMF)

So, December has been spent getting to grips with the Phase One DMF camera system & what a beast it is. With the IQ160 digital back I’m able to produce 60mb RAW files which, after processing through the Capture One software, generate a 175mb TIFF.

Coming to Phase One after 30 years using Hasselblads requires a mental shift on my part however this camera is fairly straightforward to use & the interface is certainly intuitive, a huge bonus for a non propeller head like me! Perhaps the biggest adaptation that I have had to make is using an eye-level viewfinder in a pentaprism. I’m so used to waist-level finders & an image that is flipped left-right that I need to stop & think. I notice this acutely at this time of year when shooting outdoors from a very low camera position – I have to lie on the floor which is either cold, wet, muddy or all three…

If you’re interested in these cameras & are UK based I’d recommend that you talk to Alex & Sav at The Flash Centre. They’re a solid, reliable supplier who know their stuff, also tell them that you know Julian at Shadows & Light.

To give you an idea of what the camera is capable of here’s a mixed light urban landscape shot.

Details: Phase One c/w IQ160, 35mm, 4 secs, f22, 50 ISO, no filtration, mixed lighting

Ghost Bike, Kings Cross, London

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  1. Hi Andrew. Glad you like it. I’m really impressed with the Phase & it’s easy of use. I would like a waist level finder though, that’s the one thing I miss coming from a Hasselblad background. Julian

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